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Rat bait from Geelong’s farm supply retailer

If rats and mice are a problem at your home or farm, then we stock a reliable rat bait at Geelong Farm Supplies. Suitable for use in urban and rural environments, Ratshot has been specially designed to target these unwanted pests and will soon rid you of them.

Just chat to our friendly and knowledgeable team for more information about our quality rat bait that works.

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With many pesticides used against rats and mice, Ratshot was specially developed to target those fussier rodents who may ignore traditional traps or bait. Made with an enticing aroma, Ratshot attracts both rats and mice and is high in protein and calories – something that particularly appeals to these pests.

This ready-to-use bait is presented in an edible T-bag and can be used both indoors and outdoors in a secured area. Scientifically developed to provide a freshness and taste that will draw rodents to it, Ratshot is also less harmful to inquisitive pets, containing a lower toxicity for non-target species.

With an advanced aI Difenacoum formula, this product is available in both a strong and lower toxicity option. Strong Ratshot kills, whereas the lower toxicity product will have a bit less impact.


Ratshot is

  • Five times less toxic than Bromadioline
  • 200 times less toxic than Brodifacoum
  • 2.5 times less toxic than Warfarin
  • Fully supported and backed by Freezone Public Health Pty Ltd
  • Less toxic to pets and birds

Having been developed following extensive research and development, Ratshot is ideal for use in bait stations and is adapted to work in damp and dry conditions, with inbuilt mould and fungi inhibitors.

It’s also blended with edible waxes making it more durable and will target both rats and mice.

Call us today on  03 5277 9222 for more information about our rat bait products in Geelong, or for a free quote. 

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