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Dog food from Geelong’s animal feed experts

We supply a great selection of quality dog food at Geelong Farm Supplies, with all the leading brands in-store for an affordable price. Whether you know exactly what you’re after or you need help choosing the right food for your new pet, our staff can provide all the necessary guidance and advice.

We supply the following brands

  • ProPlan
  • Supercoat
  • Bonnie
  • Pedigree 
  • Chum
  • Advance
  • Black Hawk 
  • Hills Science Diet
  • Cobber
  • Coprice
  • Uncle Albers
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Pro Plan dog food

Designed to aid digestion, which improves the absorption of nutrients and, therefore, boosts health, Pro Plan is specially formulated to nourish your dog’s natural protective systems. Enhanced digestive health helps to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin, and a thick coat, which is why it’s important to give the right food to your pet.

This is why PURINA veterinarians and nutritionists developed new PURINA PRO PLAN Adult with OptiLife™. OptiLife™ is an innovative blend of high-quality ingredients, including bioactive prebiotic from natural fibre, yeast β-glucans, and omega fatty acids that help strengthen your dog's three natural protective systems. So, you can give your dog optimal nutrition and natural protection to unleash his full potential.

Black Hawk dog food

This Australian brand of dog food was created by renowned pet food research and development director, Dr Hischke, who worked with breeders to produce nutritionally balanced recipes. Full of essential omega 3s and 6s, Black Hawk food will improve the overall condition of your dog and has no artificial preservatives.

Free from hormones and antibiotics, Black Hawk offers a more holistic dog food that contains no corn or soy and is non-GMO. With added emu oil, this is a food that will nourish your dog from the inside.

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Black Hawk Lamb & Rice: 20kg Bag

Typical Analysis

  • Crude Protein    25.00 %         
  • Phosphorus       0.8 %
  • Crude Fat           17.00 %          
  • Calcium             1.45 %
  • Crude Fibre        4.50 %           
  • Moisture            10.00 %
  • Crude Ash          11.00 %          
  • Omega 3
  • Fatty Acid           0.20 %
  • Me                      3575 kcal/kg   
  • Omega 6
  • Fatty Acid          1.60 %
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Pedigree range

  • Pedigree Adult
  • Pedigree Working Dog
  • Pedigree Puppy
  • Pal 1.2kg Pantry Pack
  • Pal 700g Pantry Pack

Pet Life dog beds

  • Alfresco Deluxe Small: $56 inc. GST
    Patio Small: $36 inc. GST 
  • Alfresco Deluxe Medium: $75 inc. GST
    Patio Medium: $55 inc. GST 
  • Alfresco Deluxe Large: $89 inc. GST
    Patio Large: $66 inc. GST 
  • Alfresco Deluxe Extra Large: $110 inc. GST
    Patio Extra-large: $86 inc. GST  
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Call us today on  03 5277 9222  for more information about our dog food in Geelong, or for a free quote. 

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